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(Updated 16/10/07) The worlds 7th richest Nation (per capita). Out of the ten Richest Countries (based on 2006 GNP per capita in US$)

1. Luxembourg $87,955.00

2. Norway $72,306.00

3. Qatar $62,914.00

4. Iceland $54,858.00

5. Ireland $52,440.00

6. Switzerland $51,771.00

7.Denmark $50,965.00

8. United States $44,190.00

9. Sweden $42,383.00

10. Netherlands $40,571.00

(NOTE: ***Luxembourg's high GNP per capita is due in part to a significant number of its workforce living in neighbouring countries. Non-residents are not counted in Luxembourg's population which in turn raises the country's GNP per capita score. This effectively places Norway in first spot. (REF: Here)

We are once again with the “Mega Rich”. However, they have slipped from 5th place to 7th in the last few years. It is also home to the young “Sheila” from Tassie that married a Prince

We're here to learn once again, knowing little about the country or its people. One of my good friends “Gunnar Colin” is Danish and we cannot forget those lovely “Danish Pastries” that he brought into our shop, for us all to feast on. Who (in my era) as a child, has not heard Danny Kaye's 1952 song “Wonderful Wonderful Copenhagen” Or Hans Christian Andersen and (for me) the most famous fairy tail “The Ugly Duckling”. As usual I will report as I see things, “warts 'n all”

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Money in Aussie Dollars

Monday October 15th 2007 Camping ground late at night in Denmark.
Approx. 2.5k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) 15Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded 6°C (Night)
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
Our first day in Denmark we went to a campsite (Closed) near the ship... We set up slept the night and left without seeing anyone, hence could not pay for the ground. We used NO facilities, apart from the grass.

Catchya Later.....
Tuesday October 16th 2007 Camping ground Denmark to Svalereden Camping ground.
Approx. 28.88k's Average Speed 10.83kph Cycling time 2Hr(s) 39Min. Max speed. 24kph Max temp we recorded 12°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
Next day we went to the Tourist Bureau, but they were very light on information,

eventually we bought a map with the cycle routes on it. Camping here requires a card or you are forced to pay $AUD5.50 Tax? On each campsite you stay at. The tourist Bureau knew about the card but told us it was for Danish People.. When we got to the next C/van park they wanted the $5.50 and told us we will need to pay this tax at every campsite... We pushed the issue of the card and was told that we can have one “tomorrow”. The official reason for the card (tax) is vague

Camping cards compulsory at approved campsites in Denmark, but why?
The approved campsites in Denmark must comply with the rules of the Danish Camping Board, Campingrådet, and its requirements regarding camping cards.
The camping card, which you hand over to the site manager, ensures that all guests are registered. ????? (My question marks). For this reason, guests who hire cabins, caravans or tents must also have an camping card. The Danish camping card includes supplementary liability insurance which covers damage or injury to third parties which it not covered by the cardholders personal liability insurance or where no insurance is held. Campsites approved by the Danish Camping Board are inspected without prior notice to ensure that sites continue to comply with their classification as 1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 star campsites.” REF: HERE

I went onto their main site HERE but could find no (real) reason for a “Camping card” It seems it is just a tax imposed on tourists and Danes alike. Perhaps they dislike campers?
We stopped after cycling only 15 or so K's as the heavens opened and torrential rain poured...

At the high end as far as prices go for an Aussie C/van park, nevertheless the facilities are good – the best we have come across in Scandinavia or the UK.. about average for Australia. What is not average is this ++++++ Pluses for everything. e.g..4 Minutes shower with buttons to stop the 4 min. whilst you soap up Duh!!! Be vigilant you Aussies, if these large companies (e.g.. Big 4) think they can do this to you and get away with it. Then it is a certainty.. the only reason Aussies don't have it now is that “generally” they speak their mind in no uncertain terms! We know we saw it :-)
Wednesday October 17th 2007 Svalereden Camping ground Shopping day.
Approx. k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded 14°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
Our Coleman Stove is “Playing Up” it needs a new pump assembly, approx $US6.00 ($AUD6.75). I cannot get one here and have no address to order one.... So we will keep the Stove until the next major town in the hope we can get spares – are you listening Murphy? In the meantime we purchased a cheap “Gas” stove....

We will see how it performs. And you will (can) read about it in our gear section. Today was a forced day off but we did about 14 K's shopping. We cannot continue without a stove. BTW the cycle paths are like this everywhere we have been so far in Denmark.

We intend using this path Route 5 right down the coast then switching onto Route 3, all the way to the German Border.
Thursday October 18th 2007 Svalereden Camping ground.
Approx. k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) 39Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded 16°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
We have applied for the “camping card”, ($19.50) knowing bureaucracy will only cause us problems if we do not have one. Some sewing and general maintenance is scheduled also. Plus a day with NO cycling for my knee :-)
Friday October 19th 2007 Svalereden Camping ground.
Approx. k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) 39Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded 16°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
No Cycling complete rest for Mal's Knee.
Saturday October 20th 2007 Svalereden Camping ground.
Approx. 27.44k's Average Speed 9.18kph Cycling time 3Hr(s) 0Min. Max speed. 31kph Max temp we recorded 11°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
Short trip today after a bad time with Left Knee... Seems OK at the moment, fingers crossed. We took a combination of Route 5 and Route 3 for anyone following us. We planned to stay at the subsidised camping areas that charge only $AUD3-6 per night. NO facilities such as showers etc.. but a “Bush Toilet” and “cabins” to sleep in. These campsites are for walkers and cyclists ONLY. And are usually a farmer making “Pin Money”.

The farmer we talked with tonight asked us in for a coffee and chatted for an hour or so – he refused any payment. He and his wife were a real pleasure to have met and “him” in his 70's, is a real character...

This is what the “cabins” look like

And This

Not too bad for free :-) Well that's it for a short day.. Catchya Later.

Sunday October 21st 2007 Svalereden Camping ground.
Approx. 20.41k's Average Speed 8.81kph Cycling time 2Hr(s) 19Min. Max speed. 33kph Max temp we recorded 14°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00
Slow day with a long time in the saddle... The K's do NOT reflect the hard work, grinding up dirt tracks on National Cycle route 3

However we found the free camp site (Which are EXTREMELY difficult to find) and after about 6+ hrs. on the road, we started our camp setup routine.
We will have to route ourselves around these “Bush Tracks” as they are taking a toll on both the bikes and knees... They are very difficult in parts, particularly the soft sand... One on the bike pedalling and one pulling or pushing... often for considerable distances. The gravel has traction on our 20” wheels but we tend to “spin” the wheel a lot on steep inclines.... Oh well not much more today – Catchya later.

Monday October 22nd 2007 Svalereden Camping ground to Free camp site near Aalborg
22.03k's Average Speed 8.61kph Cycling time 2Hr(s) 33Min. Max speed. 23kph Max temp we recorded 12°C
Flat. Road Conditions: Very Good, O/night Accom.: $0.00


We kept the summary relevant to our cycling and meeting with people.. My mothers passing was not dealt with.
Horrendous start to the day with soft sand for “starters” followed by an obstacle course of rutted tracks, slippery gravel and wet grass – to name but a few...

We finally reached our destination at 4pm Søren Andergen's house.

We started at 8am this morning. We will certainly review our routes more thoroughly (Or as thoroughly as we can) . We both prefer the country roads – even gravel roads, to the truck infested highways.... But we cannot risk our bikes on roads such as we cycled today.


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