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Australia, the adopted homeland of both Mal and Lee. The only continent under one government and the country we both love. The picture above is the “skyline” of our city, you can click on the picture to get a larger image. Perth is one of the most isolated regional capital cities in the world. There are so many things to say about our country that I simply do not know where to begin...

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Saturday March 3rd 2007 Port Melbourne to Devonport Tasmania (Evening Ride)
Approx. 1.00k's Average Speed 00kph Cycling time Hr(s) 5Min. Max speed. 17kph Max temp we recorded 26°C (Shade)
Hilly. Road Conditions: Good, O/night Accom.: $.

Arriving in Devonport Tasmania after one of the smoothest sailings I have ever done...

We disembarked and went through the inspection point for plants/wildlife... The hope is to keep Tassie as pristine as possible. After leaving the port we went the 1 k or so to the C/van park, pitched our tent and cooked dinner. Spoke to many people and even one girl who wanted to cycle around the island. The Ship is large and much more comfortable than the Aircraft Carriers I served on in my youth...
Catchya Tomorrow
Sunday March 4th 2007 Devonport To Frankford
Approx. 48k's Average Speed 9.35kph Cycling time 4Hr(s) 35Min. Max speed. 65kph Max temp we recorded 20°C (Shade)
Hilly. Road Conditions: Poor, O/night Accom.: $.
Wow Our first day in Tasmania... The hills.... Absolutely monstrous... Lot's of spinning and lots of stops... There is a rugged beauty in the countryside, but the carnage continues... There was a Dead Tasmanian Devil, every hundred metres or so, on some stretches of road. It is so sad... According to the brochure on the ship we came on, they are endangered... I simply do not see how they can survive. Our luck was in today when we pulled into Frankford... Two children came up to us and said “mum wants you to have dinner with us” In a flash we accepted... It turned out to be a very stimulating conversation and lovely food....

We camped behind the community hall free... The brand new toilets were ours and they had hot water..

More tomorrow

Monday March 5th 2007 Frankford to Legana. (Lost Stats)
Approx. 35k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded 20°C (Shade)
Hilly. Road Conditions: Poor, O/night Accom.: $.
In another overpriced unfriendly Caravan Park called “Family Parks”, simply because we have no choice. This morning I did some work for our friend who gave us dinner...

It took until about 3pm to finish the job. Strange to use my skills in computing again, so soon after closing the shop. We were offered a lift to Exeter with the bikes on a ute... As the day had escaped us, too late to pedal, we accepted a part-way lift to compensate for some of the time lost (about 20 k's)... Our hosts felt they should do something to compensate... Our insistence that it was not necessary, was a waste of time :-) The views from Exeter were spectacular... although the climb was steep.

Lee has a lose everything day... She lost her mobile phone, and her good, warm, new, gold lined jacket... Duh!!! I guess we all have one of “those days”? It is decidedly cool at night with last nights min. being 5C... By 9am with full sun it was only 8C...
Tuesday March 6th 2007 Legana to Launceston
Approx. 24.41k's Average Speed 11.08kph Cycling time 2Hr(s) 12Min. Max speed. 60kph Max temp we recorded 19°C (Shade)
Hilly. Road Conditions: Poor, O/night Accom.: $.
Odd day, We intended to get things done here in Launceston but could not find what we wanted... The nights are bitterly cold and despite our sleeping bags being rated to 0C They are not warm enough, unless we dress for bed..! We will look at solutions later on, until then we will sleep in some night clothes... Here's a pic of our campsite in Launceston C/van park

Met some Ethiopians from Rwanda?? Confused – so was I? Refugees and only four months in Aus. There is clearly a story here but I did not pursue it

In Devonport, we met a young lady from Germany, Kathleen... She was backpacking at the time and wanted a better option. She has done some mountain biking in Germany... We suggested she get a cheap bike for Tassie... Off she went to K-mart and bought a “Huffy” for $150.00 18 gears and very basic but should be OK for the month she needs it... WE helped her out with hints and tips plus some spare tools etc.. and Lee has spent some time with her exchanging clothes and food etc.. She looks set for some casual touring. Lee and her were working on the route, so we will be travelling in the same direction, but not together – we felt that would not work... Uprights and recumbent's are too different .

Late now and I am tired.. Catchya Later
Wednesday March 7th 2007 Launceston to Lilydale
Approx. 33.99k's Average Speed 8.84kph Cycling time 3Hr(s) 50Min. Max speed. 59kph Max temp we recorded 22°C (Shade)
Hilly. Road Conditions: Poor, O/night Accom.: $.
We started our day with a ride through Launceston then out on the A8, before turning off on the B81.. Little shoulder made the ride more dangerous than usual and the hills were killers... Had a puncture on the trailer today – first since leaving Perth... These tyres are starting to feel a little thin so we will keep a close eye on them from now on

We are in a fully equipped free camping area with hot showers, and free BBQ plus seats, tables etc.. better than many C/van parks we have stayed in Even has power to plug the laptop in.

The problem with the above, for cyclists, is the 4k each way hilly trip in and out of Lilydale...  FOR A KEY!!! You only find out you need a key when you get there – No big deal for a car Duh!!! Nice waterfall nearby but showing the lack of rain with just a slight trickle..

Lee enjoying the walk

Met loads of people – some Germans that have invited us to their home in Germany.

One more for luck....

Dog tired after the hills and need time to add pictures... Will do next rest day.

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