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Holland Flag Coat of Arms Holland Vincent Van Gough

Holland (Nederland) (Netherlands) has a place close to the heart of ALL Australians. Abel Janszoon Tasman was the first European to “discover” Tasmania, he also mapped much of Australia. Holland is inextricably tied to the United Kingdom via William III king of England, Scotland and Ireland..

Its place in Europe is one of Legend and respect. It is also one of Europe's most densely populated nations. Further it is one of Europe's countries most at risk from rising sea levels, due in part to global warming. We both, have never been to this country and look forward to learning more about it's people, culture and customs... As always we will report as we see it – without fear or favour.

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Monies in Aussie Dollars and Euro's

Tuesday 27th November 2007 Dorpen (Germany) to Bourtange (Holland).
34.57k's Average Speed 10.83kph Cycling time 3Hr. 11Min Max speed 28kph Max temp we recorded 4°C

We crossed into Holland a little before midday after a poor breakfast in a poor hotel. A “Bett & Bike” hotel???

Our plan was to go to the information centre and get Maps and any help on language that is possible... In their collective wisdom they have decided to not use the international symbol i instead using VVV, which even confused the locals we talked with. So when we eventually found it of course it was closed. Lee needed new shoes as did I. We have been putting it off for a long time due to costs, however, our feet were starting to complain rather loudly.

Lee got some smart looking shoes and we managed to negotiate down to 49 Euro's.

We have a problem, we cannot find any camping and are forced into hotels night after night... We are looking for sponsors from ANY of the big hotel chains... They do NOT have to be free (It would be nice), but a significant discount will ensure both loyalty and exposure ( The press,TV, and Radio have called from time for a talk about our journey – we would have mentioned the help had we had some at this time). ANY reader that has the time to solicit this on our behalf, (email the big hotel chains) we would be eternally grateful. Our internet is so intermittent that we cannot follow up or “surf” for solutions. Tomorrow we hope to visit the new found tourist bureau

Wednesday 28th November 2007 Bourtange to Vlagtwedde
Approx. 8.14k's Average Speed 11.14kph Cycling time Hr. 53Min Max speed 18kph Max temp we recorded 5°C

We stayed in the “Vesting Bourtange” at a staggering €69.50 ($AUD118.00)..

We tried 3 Guest houses and as many Camping grounds (ALL CLOSED). In our search for moderately priced accommodation we cycled over 20 k's in pouring rain, until it got dark, before we gave in and got this place - with the kind help of two local ladies out cycling. The collapsing Australian dollar is making it harder (From 94 US cents to 87 US cents in three weeks, almost 10% down )... Why it is so fundamentally weak compared with Britain/Europe is beyond understanding... It will also go lower under Rudd's regime. We eventually got to a “VVV” information centre,

but was unable to find any maps - it is staffed by wonderful volunteers, however, they have little knowledge of cycle touring. Such was the warmth of the lady, we are now staying in her home for the night. There is a much bigger city, “Emmen” where she feels we will have more success.. It is a little over 40 k's away and we have a meeting with the local press tomorrow at 9am, so it will be a big day.

Thursday 29th November 2007 .Vlagtwedde to Ter Apel
Approx. 27k's Average Speed 10.36kph Cycling time 2Hr. 39Min Max speed 16kph Max temp we recorded 6°C

We were met about 9.30am by the local press, who took copious amounts of photo's. We will know more if they decide to print our story. Rather than ask questions, they read our “who are we” page on our site... I guess this is what will be printed?

Our wonderful host Trijntje (Name only pronounceable to Dutch or maybe German speakers) asked us if we would like to spend another day, but as great as her hospitality was (and it WAS great), we needed to move on. We “Cleaned up” her computer (Gratis) which was taking up to 8 minutes to start... Plenty of bugs :-) Now it is much faster and junk free, virus free, spyware free and she now has the fantastic AND FREE Open_Office suit ...

Today was very windy, it has been some time since we have experienced a strong wind. It also rained heavily and was very cold. Due to (another) late start (11:10am) our plans to cycle to Emmen were dashed... We run out of useful light at about three-ish and it is dark by four.

Friday 30th November 2007 .Ter Apel
Approx. 27k's Average Speed 10.36kph Cycling time 2Hr. 39Min Max speed 16kph Max temp we recorded 6°C

Awoke today to “the common cold”... Both of us are feeling the effects of constantly getting wet. We are going to stay another day. Today we will take full advantage and dry everything, some minor repairs are necessary to clothing and gear in general. Both our camera and one of our mobile phones have lost their LCD screens. (We think it is the cold or damp conditions?? We simply don't know) The camera still works but of course we cannot receive SMS on one phone... For those that know the numbers it is the “English” phone that we can no longer “read” SMS. We can still get (read) on our Aussie one (xxxx xxx 105). We can in fact read, but it has to be done via computer and is a lengthy job. Well that's it for November 2007... November 07 will Never to come back again.


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