Dedicated to a wonderful mother Jean Noble 31/5/1929- 20/8/2007 - may we never take our mothers for granted. - I Love you Mum


For the moment, the following Sovereign Territories form the U.K.

England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.

Some may say America (and this is probably true of the moment) BUT, historically, no other nation has had an effect on the world greater than the United Kingdom, It's language links billions of people. It's laws form a basis for many nations. It once ruled over 25% of the worlds people. Like it or hate it, the British Empire, the largest formal Empire the world has ever known, will never be equalled, unless the dynamics of the world change dramatically. It is responsible for a disproportionate amount of the worlds innovations in all areas of human endeavour. It's people now inhabit the far corners of the globe.

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Monies in Aussie Dollars


My Mother passed away on the 20th of August at 1am. She had us (Mal & Lee) and other family by her side. I am so very grateful for being able to spend these last few months with my Mother. I am well aware many do not get this chance.

I spoke often with my Mum about documenting her illness on the internet - she was FULLY supportive of doing this. My Mum and myself both hope you get something from it. My Mum certainly hopes her story will comfort others - her life story can be read here - Written in her own words, with no education to assist.

My mum provided an exemplary example to all who knew her. Honesty and fair play were the cornerstones of her life. Family was the centrepiece. I and all who knew her, will miss her terribly. Goodbye Mum.

Throughout her illness my Mum often asked us to get on our bikes and on with our journey. I am glad she permitted us to stay.


We leave England the land of Mal's birth to Scotland. This is the land Mal's Grandfather was born and the birthplace of his eldest daughter Zoe and Son Paul. Time prevents us cycling from Felixstow, so we chose to go north by 4x4 and trailer and pick up the NSCR at approx. Arbroath.

Way back in 1965 I served in Arbroath (HMS Condor), whilst in the Royal Navy. From here we cycle north by the route shown on our map, which is located on the index page. Our expected start date is Saturday the 24th of August 2007. We leave Britain from by Ferry VIA Kirkwall in Shetland on the 28th of September 2007 and head across the sea to Bergen Norway. I have learned of late not to be too certain of “plans”, however, this is what we are aiming for.

Wigan 21st August 2007

Ferry from Lerwick in Shetland to Bergen (Norway) Booked and paid for.

We leave on the 28th September 2007, day sailing. (Little over 12 hours) Total Price (2 Persons) including Trike's Approx $230.00. At this stage we do not know if there is a departure “fine” (tax). At this point we do not know for certain when and where we will start our UK leg of the trip. As things unfold it will become more clear. However, being committed to an exit point and time via Shetland, will dictate where, once we know when!

Please see news pages for up to date information.


26th August 2007 Inverness Over the “Black Isle” to C/van park Dingwall

Approx. 30.86 k's Average Speed 8.83 kph Cycling time 3Hrs 29 Minutes Max speed 40Kph

We Left Inverness on our bikes, after a “Cooks Tour” of Scotland with my sister Denise.

I visited HMS Condor, Arbroath Arbroath (Now an RM station) and RNAS (Now RM) Lossimouth ... My Daughter Zoe and My Son's Birthplace in Elgin and the place they lived at Miltown. Two days of touring by car to be finally dropped off in Inverness.

Our first day cycling for three months and boy it was tough..

The first fourteen k's were all uphill followed by 23 ks of severe undulations then 5 blissful K's of downhill (mostly)

A Strong headwind kept our stats low as well as the above... Tired legs an aching heart our first day had it all Catchya Later

27th August 2007 Dingwall to Tain

Approx. 46.79 k's Average Speed 9.92 kph Cycling time 4Hrs 42 Minutes Max speed 40Kph (again)

We awoke to drenching rain, but knew we must move on. It rains almost daily here and we need to perfect a way to break camp with minimum damage. Rugged up in our wet weather gear, we set off in the pouring rain. A huge 12km climb spinning at only 4-6kph saw us boiling in our wet weather gear..

Despite all our efforts we ended up soaked to the skin. With most ups comes a down.. and ours was no exception.. A long downhill froze us to near death. Plodding on we saw some respite from the rain and started to dry out.. Warm again we continued to cycle enjoying the changing scenery as we meandered along. Poor road conditions and plenty of stops saw us make an eight hour day a very long one. Last nights caravan park was £13.00 (about $30.00) NO facilities apart from absolute essentials Tonight's is £9.50 (About $24.00) with same non-existent facilities.

28th August 2007 Tain to Bush camp about 15k's from Lairg

Approx. 23.69k's Average Speed 10.16 kph Cycling time 2Hrs 20Minutes Max speed 36Kph

We awoke to beautiful sunshine and 23 Degrees before 10am... Dried ALL our gear and packed up... No sooner had we started cycling the temp dropped to 16C and falling then came torrential rain... The temp fell to 9C and we were freezing on the downhills and very warm going up.. Many stops to shelter and wait out the heaviest parts. We gorged ourselves on wild cherries and wild raspberries Lee harvested about two kilos of Cherries to take with us... They were delicious!

Met an interesting couple cycling with their two children....


The Children Robyn and Rowen

Mum and Dad Lee and Jill BENNETT... Congratulations you're an inspiration..

No battery power now for the laptop so must close for the night... Catchya Later..

29th August 2007 Bush camp about 15k's from Lairg to The Crask Inn about 50 ks from Tongue

Approx. 37.7k's Average Speed 9.25 kph Cycling time 4Hrs 04 Minutes Max speed 46Kph

Awoke to freezing rain so packed up using the “vestibule” of the tent to organise our gear. 5C and the cold rain did not enthuse us too much... We started cycling and fought for every kilometre...

The driving rain soaked our exterior whilst the sweat soaked the interior... We arrived at the “Crask Inn” worse for wear.. The owner said watch for hypothermia and kindly offered us the “Summerhouse” free for the night....

We are here now drying as much gear as possible... No power and no bed but hey “paradise” for us Catchya Later...


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