Gear we purchased and gear we should not have purchased, early in our preparations.

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Some Gear We Bought early in our preparations

Suzie Our Dog, inspecting the Zip...... She died whilst we were cycling – Old Age

She stayed with my daughter, as she had on many holidays – loved it there....

This is the first tent we purchased. It cost about $200.00  We are not happy with it but have been unable to find better
It is light and strong but has a very small "vestibule". Not enough room for our gear or cooking in the rain.
Unless we find better we will take this one. It turned out to be one of our best buy's...

Fantastic tent – well thought out, incredibly durable.

Unmitigated Junk @ $200.00..... It is expensive junk. There has to be a better solution, for filtering water.

Looking for a lightweight sun shelter.... Useless.

All Superb – used daily.

Junk – in all respects


Assorted Gear.....

Bloody Superb – worth every cent.... 10 Watt Panels 24 Volt output 400 Grams each and flexible

Absolute gem of a buy... Great and durable.... Lee changed hers for a warmer pair in Europe

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