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One of South East Asia's most successful countries... Personally I love the orderly society. I see no dichotomy between personal freedoms and a “fine” for putting chewing gum on a railway seat. Nor do I see the lack of “graffiti” on buildings, personal property etc.. Or cigarette smoke in my meal a problem? There's the old adage “smoking areas in restaurants is like peeing areas in swimming pools”... It does NOT work!!! Essentially Singapore is a VERY FREE society that protects it's freedoms with sensible consequences. A system that offers reasonable consequences for unreasonable actions, is, in my book, functioning properly. Many of Singapore's laws are envied by its neighbour(s) and “Ordinary People” in my home – Australia, to whom Singapore - I have always felt - is a true friend. The picture, third from left, is Lee Kuan yew. He is widely respected and the founding father of “Modern Day” Singapore. Thomas Stamford Raffles (Alongside) founded the British colony of Singapore, in 1819.

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Monies in Aussie Dollars

Monday 28th, April 2008 Manchester/Wigan, United Kingdom to Singapore VIA Dubai UAE. By Aircraft and Car.
Approx. k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded °C
Terrain: Road Conditions: Daily Costs: Overnight Accommodation:

We thought we would record new "on the road" cycling values for South East Asia. We will see how they work out, as time goes on.

VERY sad leaving Denise and Carol – my sisters... Lots of factors meant I had little time with my other two Sisters, however I did see them both. I also got the chance to see Lewis, Katie, Ethan, Reece and Georgia. - the grandchildren of two of my Sisters.

Wednesday 30th April 2008 Singapore
Approx. k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded °C
Terrain: Road Conditions: Daily Costs: Overnight Accommodation:

As flights go our flight was uneventful 21 hrs, a mixture of boredom and irritation. We landed early at 19:42 Singapore and Perth :-) time. Flying on the cyclists worst nightmare “Emirates Airlines” see here; was mediocre, however the staff on board were pleasant and attentive.

Johann our “Warm Showers” friend in Singapore came to meet us at the airport, but due to a combination of factors – we did not meet there. I rang Johann this morning and we hooked up for what was to be a VERY eventful day.

Yesterday we met up with Jo & Beez - our hosts in Singapore. May Day is celebrated with a public holiday here - we did not know, so these guys suggested we try and get our bikes ASAP.

It was a nightmare. Due ENTIRELY to the shipping company refusal to act professionally, we encountered every known problem. Despite their initial verbal assurances we were charged "storage", @S$54.00 per day.

Then they insisted we pay GST at S$1360.00+ (about £508.00 or $AUD1070). I could not pay, so had to leave.

My warm showers host then swung into action, After contacting a customs officer, they agreed to waive this fee subject to a thorough inspection of the goods - AT THE DEPOT.

A Van was then organised, passes to the secured area for Me and two others. 

With the help of these guys, we emptied the box in the worst possible conditions... Could not re-fill the box, so put the parts in the van and took them to his home... They are currently stored there - in bits. The fee was waived! - even these two guys were amazed.

Lee and myself cannot thank these two people enough, they did everything in their power to assist our situation.

We are once again TOTALLY humbled by the “goodness” of complete strangers.

Friday 9th May 2008 Remain Singapore
Approx. k's Average Speed kph Cycling time Hr(s) Min. Max speed. kph Max temp we recorded °C
Terrain: Road Conditions: Daily Costs: Overnight Accommodation:

When we got to Singapore we were both feeling pretty sick... Fortunately we met the two guys above. We have remained in their home recovering. A family friend (Doctor) has treated both of us and we are responding VERY well.

Our bikes are now assembled.......

We hope to resume cycling in the next few days. Bellow is Reez on Lee's Bike

Jo on Mal's Bike – no he is not praying :-) He is envisioning a computer console on a bike......

Jo Lee and Pat, sightseeing.....

We are both deeply saddened by the events in Myanmar (Burma). The suffering of it's wonderful people is compounded by the xenophobic Junta!! They are panicking, that people will see the horrors they have caused – first hand. They really have no need to worry, just look at Darfur! They could kill and torture hundreds of people per day, for fun!!! The international community would do NOTHING. As they are in Darfur.

May 11th 2008 Singapore Johann's house to Changi Ferry Terminal.
Approx. 23.22k's Average Speed 11.78kph Cycling time 1Hr(s) 58Min. Max speed. 24kph Max temp we recorded 33°C
Terrain: Mostly Flat, Road Conditions: Good cycle paths 95% of the way. Overnight Accommodation: Nil.

We rose early and packed our gear, Lee is still a little sick but wants to travel. I am all but better. We could not start as soon as we wanted due to the fact Johann and Pat wanted to travel with us.

A little “rusty” from our long break we found the going tough. Stopped a couple of times for Breakfast and lunch + drinks. We have chosen a rather unique way of getting to Malaysia, by small boat. When we got to the ferry terminal we were given too many “start” times for the ferry. So we decided to camp on the beach and make an early start in the morning.

We will miss Jo, Pat, Reez and Brian.

Well may go for a dip in the sea.... Catchya Later

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